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We will help you anytime with words and deeds

 Our consultation is offered for any field of the life of handicapped persons.

We assist you in rearranging your home and residential environment. Whatever is not conforming to standards will be produced to your personal needs on a functional and cost-efficient basis.


Are You planning the reconstruction of Your Bathroom?

•    We will design a bathroom that is individually adjusted to your needs.

•    Our preventive Design accounts for existing handicaps as well as for limitations that might occur in future due to age.

•    Everybody should be able to age in his ancestral environment

•    A handicapped accessible bathroom is in nearly every case economically feasible

•    Retain Your  autonomy and mobility up to an old age


We can give advice to you for the rebuilding and setting of public sanitary facilities. On request we will take care of the procuration and acquisition of your aids. Naturally all items are tested for their practical application.

Are you planning to modify your car or to buy a new one?

•    We will give you a review of the numerous products for cars and mobility from different makers and will provide you with reliable partners for mounting the desired parts.

•    We give you information about benefits and discounts and assure an optimal offer for funding agencies.

•    We will attend you from purchasing a car to its delivery.


Our expertise is based on first hand experience because our team consist mostly of handicapped people who have to face the same barriers and hassles in their daily life. Different from other consultants Christian Reeb personally experiences the daily troubles being handicapped which enables him to present optimal and practical solutions.



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